Sunday, 8 January 2012

Sunday clean-up


This morning I got up at 04h57 and made my hunny a cuppa tea as he was going riding with Wendy's man Graeme.  When he left, still in my jarmies, I started by reading the few mails which had come in overnight.  I then had a shower and got dressed to my shoes (like Flylady says!).  It has been really hot since early this morning so I braved wearing a pair of shorts (something I haven't done in a really long time).

Today's mission was to tidy up the table in my scrap room ~ it had gotten all kinds of stuff dumped on it including a basket full of paperwork which needed sorting.

These are the after photos ... 
I tried really hard not to get side-tracked however while sorting and filing there were some other things that needed to be sorted along the way ~ one example is when I moved my 2010 files from the cupboard in the study to the zozo (garden shed) I quickly dusted in the shed and then brought the 2006 file up to house and shredded the contents ~ our poor little shredder worked flat out today and I am sure it was really happy when I brought it back to the study which meant its work for the day was over.

While working I watched some programmes that I had recorded so I was really killing two birds with one stone.  By 15h00 I was starving so I made tea and toast for Connor, Mom and myself as Richard had had a big breakfast and wasn't hungry.

Here is the result of the shredding ...
Only frustrating part is that our paper recycling is only picked up on Friday so this has to hang around until then!!!

Well, that's it from me for now ... I am rather exhausted but really happy with what I got done today however, as usual, I wish I had gotten more done.  Hope you have had a stunning weekend and are ready for the second week of the new year.

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