Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Our last day and Happy Birthday Alison

We got up early, packed and I tried to get hold of my friend Alison to wish her for her birthday without any success.  Connor and I went down to the beach for his last swim and to collect sea water for Sheron and Nana (my and Noleen's our domestic workers).  When we were walking down to the beach we passed two guys and the one said "You must be going home today" and pointed at the 2litre bottles ... It is a common sight to see people fill up bottles to take home to their domestic workers. 

I really don't like the beach but will put up with it for my son ~ I took a photo of the water just hitting my toes for my BBM profile which read "My feet. Sand. Sea. Yuck!" ~ people are always surprised at my lack of love for the beach.

My BBM picture was better than this one!

Connor absolutely loves the beach ~ If we lived at the coast we would never see him.
 When Connor was finished swimming and frolicking in the waves we took a slow walk back to the apartment and he had a shower and I had a bath.  We finished packing the car, locked up the apartment and dropped the keys off.  We drove through to Westville Shopping Centre where we looked for school shoes for Connor without any luck, had lunch at Subway and then Richard left us to go to his meeting at Transnet.  Connor and I continued to do some window shopping and then had coffee at Fego which is attached to Exclusive Books.  I sat and read my 29 Gifts and he browsed in the shop.  We found him a hoodie and then popped past Woolies and then waited outside under the trees for Richard.  We got on the road just before 3pm and had a lovely trip up to Harrismith where we had dinner at Spur and then onward home.  The sunset was so beautiful and I took some lovely photos.  This one I particuarly like ...
The sunset at speed!
Here is Connor is his usual position, book in hand.

We got home at 8:30 feeling really rested and happy to be home.  Tomorrow is the first day of school and Connor is feeling a bit nervous ~ this is his last full year of school ... where has the time gone??

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