Monday, 16 January 2012

Aunty Ria

Fortunately this morning it dawned overcast again ... I called my precious Aunty Ria and made plans to see her at 10h30.  In all the years that Richard and I have been together the two things we have always done when in Durban was to visit my Dad (past tense) and Aunty Ria (fortunately still present tense). 

We had a lovely visit with her and in her words ... "had to have proof that we had visited" ~ also known as taking photos.

If I could have chosen my own Mother ... this is she!!!  Her heart and mine are closely connected.

I managed to get this gorgeous photo of my darling son.
 We were starving when we left Aunty Ria and there was only one place that we knew that would suffice ... Nando's at The Bluff Shopping Centre.  We were so looking forward to going there and they did not disappoint.  My compliment reads ... "Although according to your tillslip your branch in Rosettenville is your flagship branch I disagree ... The Bluff Branch is definitely your flagship branch.  We are never disappointed by their service or their food".  When we were finished eating we called the manager over to compliment him and his staff.  He said that it was wonderful to hear that their service had not suffered as they were under staff on that shift and he told us their secret to their amazing, fresh food ... we make less food more often.  I can't wait for our next trip to Durban to try them again.

We went back to the apartment and Connor went down to the beach again.  Susan popped past after work to drop off a birthday gift for me.

I really felt like Italian for dinner however we could only find a mediterranean restaurant ~ Olive & Oil.  It is quite up-market and  their food was delicious ... we shared a foccacia for starters, then Richard and I had a sirlion and pasta dish and Connor had a rump steak and we all chose Creme Brulee for dessert.  An absolutely stunning evening.

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