Saturday, 14 January 2012

Cards, Cupcakes and a flight

After a surprisingly good night's sleep I picked my sisters up at Wendy's house and we drove through to Irene ~ they all needed coffee and something to eat so we popped past McDonalds which resulted in us being a bit late for our class ... My friend Alison, a fellow Capricorn born on 17 January, organised this card making course as our Birthday Celebration. 
Isn't that a cute picture on the wall behind us gorgeous Capricorn girls?

When we arrived at Scrap-a-doodles all the other girls were already there and were shocked that I was late as I am always early ~ My excuse?  It's my birthday!!!  We had a fantastic class and made three gorgeous cards.  We all  had a lot of fun and even though it was Ali's sister Caron's first class she seemed to have the most fun out of all of us.

The girls at Scrap-a-doodles organised both red velvet and vanilla cup cakes for us to have with our tea ... they were delicious!!! and looked so pretty.

Here are all the gorgeous girls with their cards.

The Scrap Addicts

My sisters ... Wendy, Norma and Noleen.  Wendy and Noleen swear blind that they didn't arrange to wear the same t-shirs!!! LOL!!!!
 After the class we enjoyed shopping, toasted sarmies and cuppaccinos at Scrap-a-doodles.  What a wonderful way to celebrate our birthdays.

I was so excited when my sisters dropped me at the airport ... it had been quite a while since I had last flown anywhere and I LOVE flying.  I booked in and got a cuppa coffee at Wimpy and then sat down to read my book.  In next to no time it was time to board ... I had a window seat and after a nice take-off we were in the clouds ~ literally!!!!  I am so intrigued by clouds and had to take some photos from ABOVE the clouds ...
The pilot landed the plane really well and I was able to disembark quite quickly.  I could not wait to get through to see my beautiful boys.  It was pretty exciting for me to arrive to Connor and Richard waiting for me as it is usually Connor and I waiting for Richard at the airport.  I love these boys so much!!!

My flight had landed a little early and as I had no luggage to collect we had to wait for Susan.  We decided to have something to drink at the Cape Town Fish Market and she joined us a few minutes later.  I met Susan at the bank quite a number of years ago and she now lives in Balito with her Dad.  It had been a while since we last saw her and we had a lovely dinner, did some catching up and arranged to meet again over the weekend.  When we were leaving the restaurant a police car came speeding into the area in front of the airport and a police man and his dog flew into the airport.  Connor went to investigate for us ~ it was a suspicious parcel but fortunately no problems.

We drove through to Umhlanga and had a cuppa tea and then fell into bed.  Fortunately the bedroom in the apartment has airconditioning as it was VERY humid.

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