Friday, 13 January 2012

366 days + 1 candle = 50!

Yesterday I told you that I would wear my gifts from Norma and Roz today.  Well, when I got dressed the white skirt and white shirt just didn't want to 'talk to each other" so I changed the skirt for a black skirt.  Here I am at a whole 49 years old ~ Ready to rock 'n roll!!!  The shirt and scarf were my gift from my sister Norma and I am wearing the necklace my friend Michelle gave me.

I left the house really early so the traffic was very light.  Got to the office and did some work and left the office at 06h50 to have breakfast at Mugg & Bean with my 'boyfriend' Ian  ~ we have been friends for about 20 years and I am crazy about him.  Thankfully his wife knows about me and my husband knows about him!!!  We had a lovely yoghurt breakfast which they serve it in a cup (it is two layers of yoghurt and in Ian's he had two layers of a fruit coolie (blueberries and strawberries) and mine had peacan nuts and honey).  We had a wonderful breakfast and then I dropped him off at the 'office' which is King Edward High School.  He showed me the work they are doing on the library/museum and also the work that his wife Col had done on the gardens at the new admissions centre ~ she is a very talented gardener.  The school is very old and the architecture is amazing.  Ian and Col gave me these beautiful mugs.

At 10h00 I put out some cake for my colleagues.  My special friend and scrapbook buddie Leonie came to visit me, bearing gifts ... I got a set of stamps, my favourite toasted coconut marshmallow and some cream (left the handcream in my drawer at the office!).

My olleague Mary went home to Zambia in December and brought me this stunning material (I am going to have a skirt and top made from it) and also a gorgeous necklace and bracelet.

My friend Samantha gave me this gorgeous neckace and bracelet ~ all the right colours!!!

My colleague Delphine gave me these pretty pearl earrings and a tub of biscuits (which Connor LOVES).

These are the flowers I spoke about yesterday that my boss gave me ~ I left them at work overnight so that I got to enjoy them the whole day today.
This was the view from my office window this morning as the sun was making its presence known.  I am very fortunate to sit at a window with a very nice view.

There was a huge storm at around 3:30 so we waited in the office until 6 for the traffic to subside a bit.  My trip home was quite quick and then Mom and I went to The Glen to get Connor's school books and popped into Wimpy for a burger and chips.  Then it was home, update blog and to bed at 11. 

I was truly spoiled today with many phone calls including one from my precious niece Taryn in America, sms's, an e-card from my friend Joan in Texas and Jo in New Zealand, voice messages on my phone as I could not answer every call, e-mail messages and 19 messages on facebook.  I am truly blessed to have many people who care about me.

Ready or not ... 50 here I come!!!!

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