Thursday, 22 December 2011

Santa's on his way!

"It's starting to look a lot like Christmas" .... the song goes and in our house the Christmas tree is eventually up and seems to have attacted some Christmas gifts and is awakening the Christmas spirit in my heart ~ I thought I had lost if forever. 

Today was a really great day ... not much work but some fun! 
  • I had breakfast with my special friend Michelle this morning on the West Rand.  While we were chatting up a storm there was an almighty storm on the other side of town which flooded our garage and Mom's room ~ AGAIN!!! 
  • My next stop was Town Square where the Branch Manager took me for a lovely salad for lunch.
  • I came home and picked up Richard and Connor ~ we popped past my office to collect a parcel which my colleague left on my desk and then picked up my friend Emily (she was our tea lady at our previous offices) from work and took her home ~ I wanted to give her daughter, Pretty, her Christmas gift before she leaves for Qwa Qwa tomorrow.  I got her a digital camera and she was overjoyed as she said she was dreaming about getting a camera ~ It is such an amazing thing to see the delight on someones face when they get something they have REALLY been wanting. 
  • Picked Mom up at home and went down to The Glen as she needed to do some shopping.  It is such an amazing feeling at this time of year to be in the shops 'just because you can' and not because you HAVE to.  We went to Dischem, PNA and Woolies and had a quick dinner at Fego and on our way out popped into one of the cell phone shops and Connor bought a cover for his Galaxy Tab ~ we had a lot of fun in the shop with the sales man ... a truly world class service moment.
While we were at The Glen I got an SMS from my friend Alison to say that her sister Rose-Marie had died peacefully this afternoon ~ she turned 50 in October and was battling her 3rd bout of cancer.  "Rest peacefully in the arms of Jesus Rose-Marie".  My heart breaks for Alison and her family at this time and I ask that everyone who can keeps them in their prayers.

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