Monday, 26 December 2011

Another day closer to 2012!!!

23 December ~ Worked half day and then went to Steeledale and had lunch at Wimpy and did shopping for Christmas lunch.  The Menu = philidelphia cheese & sweet chilli sauce for starters / cold meats & salads / ice cream & chocolate/caramel sauce.  We had a lot of fun shopping and watching the rest of the people who were under pressure and VERY miserable.  When we were at the till I found a Christmas hat sitting there and on closer inspection found that little finger pointing to a spot which I pressed and the hat sprung into motion flapping around and singing some Christmas song ... the man at the till next to me glared at me and I asked him if he needed a hat?  He gave me a sullen look and said "No!"  My response ... "You could look like you come from Harry Potter!"  Not even a smile ... looked like he was missing the spirit of Christmas ~ hope he found it before Christmas day!!! LOL!!!

24 December ~ Connor and I met our friend Marian at Clearwater.  We had breakfast at the Woolies Cafe ~ what a lovely menu ~ Marian and I had a Rarebit which was toasted health bread with bacon, roasted tomatoes and covered with mature cheddar cheese melted to perfection and was delicious with stunning cafe lattes and Connor had a breakfast tin which consisted of a croissant, chocolate muffin and toast with preserves.  We then did Marian's shopping in Woolies and I added some pork pies and fresh cherries to the menu for Christmas lunch.  We bumped into Marian's parents who I haven't seen since April.  We then walked through the shopping centre stopping in at Dischem to get batteries for Richard and I also found Jelly Belly jelly beans for Connor.  We left there after 2pm and took a slow drive home.

25 December ~ We had a liesurely morning and opened presents and we all got really lovely gifts.  I took Mom down to Noleen and had a cuppa coffee with them.  Wendy and Graeme joined us for lunch ~ We had a lovely relaxed lunch and they left us at about 4pm. 

We watched some TV and snacked for dinner and then had an early night.  And so Christmas is done for another year!

26 December
: Connor and I took a drive out to Hyde Park Shopping Centre so that he could go to Exclusive Books ~ He got two vouchers for Christmas.  We strolled around the book store and had a cuppa coffee (not very nice).  We popped into Clicks where I 'updated' my make up (I try and do this every December) and then took a liesurely drive back home. 

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