Monday, 4 July 2011

Sunday update ... now Monday update!!!

I cannot believe that another week is gone ... and I did NO scrapbooking ... eeeeeek!!!! and this is the first time since Tuesday that I am posting on my blog!!! 

Well now it is Monday and more than 24 hours since I wrote the first sentence of this post.  Just as I sat down I was called to dinner and then watched TV with my hunny!!!

Well ... since Tuesday last week I uh ... hmmmm cannot actually remember a thing!  Seems like the current pattern!!! LOL!!!  Last week is actually a blur!

OK, so let's chat about the weekend ... Oh but before we do that let me introduce you to the new addition to our family ... Indiana.

Connor asked if he could get a puppy for his birthday and did some really hard work searching the internet for a rough collie.  His hard work paid off when he found a litter of puppies who had been born 8 weeks ago.  Richard took him through to Centurion on Friday afternoon and he adopted this gorgeous fluff ball.  My Mom is having fun with the new baby in the house although Bandit is none too pleased with the attention that Indiana is getting.

Belhambra ~ Tree of remembrance
On Saturday morning I woke up early as usual but pulled the covers over my head and stayed put in bed for a long time reading my book ~ I was even served breakfast in bed by my darling husband.  I eventually got up at about 11 thinking that I had better get myself looking halfway decent.  Up, shower, blow dry hair, some makeup and brown jersey over blue jeans ... the reason?  We went to the Braamfontein Crematorium to scatter my Father-in-law's ashes ... Reason for the brown jersey was that every time I wore brown he said I looked pretty.  We met my brother-in-law Michael and his wife Charmaine and scattered his ashes under the tree of rememberance which was planted in 1920. 

We then went to a pizza place my f~i~l used to frequent close to where he lived in Magaliesig.  We all ate pizzas and the others drank a beer in his honour ... first time Connor got to drink a whole Castle Lite by himself. 
My handsome hubby

Chairmaine and Michael (who is Richard's younger brother) enjoying a beer.

We dropped Connor off at Tayla's house and then fetched Mom from the casino.  We spent a lazy evening in front of the TV.  On Sunday morning Richard went off for a ride on his motorbike and I eventually got moving (being comfy in my warm bed with a wonderful book ~ Julia's Chocolates by Cathy Lamb) as I had to fetch Connor and Tayla at 09h00.  I took them to Lee-Ways for a pancake and Richard joined us there.  We bought Indiana a bed at the pet store.  We visited The Glen where I had some photos printed, got a beautiful ring as a wedding anniversary gift (will have to show you that at some other time as I haven't downloaded the photos I took of it) and did some other little shopping duties.  And then it was Monday again and back to work. 

It is freezing right now and quite late so I am going to climb into my nice warm bed ~ Bye until tomorrow.  Keep warm!!!

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