Thursday, 14 July 2011


So I have a whole lot of updates to do ...

Saturday ~ We dropped Connor off at Tayla and then headed out to Alison's house to do some 'handy-man' jobs.  Connor slept over so on our way home we stopped off at Pick 'n Pay to do some shopping for Sunday lunch.  We spent a quiet evening at home preparing for Sunday.

Sunday morning Richard and I popped down to The Glen to the chemist and Woolies to get some malva pudding and some odds and ends.  Back to the house to finish up for lunch ... The menu  3 types of pasta; sauces = home made alfredo, home made bolognaise, mushroom sauce; Lasagna from Woolies; 4 different breads and a green salad followed by malva pudding & custard and icre-cream & bar-one chocolate sauce.  Everyone arrived around 12h45 and we got lunch going.  The food was great and the company even better.  It was wonderful to have Keenan (my ex-brother-in-law) with us from the States.  My nephew Nicholas called to ask if I had made peppermint crips fridge tart to which I replied "No but I am doing ice-cream and chocolate sauce" his response "I think I need to make a cameo appearance" which he duly did.  Since he was a little boy he has always had the chocolate sauce pot.  Norma and Gina came past when they got back from Sun City having seen the Kylie Minogue show on Saturday evening and had lots of stories to tell us.  Everyone left around 3:30 and we finished cleaning up and relaxed in front of the TV.  Connor was royally spoiled and has managed to nearly pay his Dad back for the loan to buy his Wii.

Monday morning we picked Noleen up and went through to Home Affairs in Alberton and collected forms for Connor's ID and Noleen's passport and had a cuppa coffee at Wimpy and when we went back it was overwhelmingly stuffy in the office so I said let's go and see what it is like in Edenvale.  The Edenvale offices are bright, clean and airy so we had to redo the forms as removing forms from the offices are illegal ~ we were not told that by the lady in Alberton.  We then had some hot chocolate at McDonalds before dropping Noleen at home.  This is one of the most important things I wanted to get done while on leave.

Michelle and Connor
Tuesday we met my friend Michelle for brunch at Wiesenhofin Farm City on Hendrik Potgieter Drive.  She owns a Pressed in Time in this little centre which I have driven past a hundred times but never had a reason to go and explore.  It has a butcher, hairdresser, farm supply store, home industry.  What a discovery!!!  I know where I will be stopping for coffee on my trips to my branches in the West Rand now. 

We fetched Tayla on our way back and then popped into Le Papier at Benmore Gardens as I needed to do some sample wedding invitations for Marlini and Ben who are friends of my friend Sam.  After dinner I sat down and did the samples and then we drove Tayla home.  Richard and Graeme were outside in the garage in the freezing weather working on a motorbike.

My boss Saras and my
colleague Beular.
Yesterday Connor and I were out the door at 07h30 and on our way to Sandton ~ I dropped Connor off at Sandton City and he spent the morning in Exclusive Books (he got a voucher from Michelle's son Kyle for his birthday which they both celebrate on the same day) while I attended a 'Top Talent' breakfast at 135 Rivonia Road with staff from our branches.  I then saw Marlini who liked the one invitation I had made so I popped past Le Papier again to get some more supplies and then off to Massmart in Sunninghill to have lunch with Roz.  I love spending time with her as she is such a wonderful lady.  We picked Liam up on on way home and I then had my hair cut and dropped my hairdresser Andre off at home ~ at least he didn't have to walk the 2km's from the bus stop to his house in the freezing cold.  Caught up on some programmes on PVR last night and slept until 6h15 this morning. 

This morning has been a really lazy time ... read e-mails, surfed the net, had a lovely long hot bath and read some of the book I lent from Alison ~ Wesley.  The story of a barn owlet adopted by Stacey O'Brien.  Richard and I then went looking for petrol to fill his bike and my car ~ 4th petrol station = lucky for us as they received a delivery last night.  There are a lot of petrol stations without petrol which is really worrying and will more than likely thwart our plans to go walking at the Botanical Gardens in Pretoria on Sunday.

Keep warm and I will 'chat' soon. 

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