Friday, 29 July 2011

Fantastic Friday

I'm back.  Been busy, busy, busy.

This week has been a little difficult ...
  • ~ Richard has been away hiking in the Fish River Canyon so the last time I spoke to him was on Monday morning and I am MISSING him!!!  Thankfully he is back on Monday.  I have decided that he cannot go away if I cannot speak to him! LOL!!!
  • ~ I have had to take Connor to school in the mornings (and feel really bad as I have had to drop him off early in the freezing cold!) and fetch him in the afternoons.  At least today I took him back to the office and he had lunch there while I worked.
  • ~ It is really difficult to sleep properly when Richard is away ... On Monday night the house alarm went off just after we went to bed and that just freaks me out!
I just hope he is having a good time.

Looking forward to strolling around the Irene Market tomorrow morning with Alison ~ Hopefully will get a jump start on my Christmas shopping.  Also need to get a couple of birthday gifts at the same time.

Well, we're off to have Chinese dinner as we only have fish in the house and Connor does not feel like fish.

Here's a page to share ... This is from my friend Sam's wedding day.  On the apge is the invitation I made for her.

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