Sunday, 22 May 2011

Weekend roundup

  Contrary to some weird beliefs ... the world didn't end last night!!! LOL!!! 

  Yesterday I spent a lovely day with my Scrap Addicts friends.  Connor got to spend the day with Tayla ~ much to his absolute delight.

  Absolute bliss!!!!  I only got out of bed at 7 to make Richard a cuppa tea before he left to go hiking (in preparation for the Fish River Canyon hike he is doing in late July) and then got ready to fetch Tayla at 09h00.  Took Connor and Tayla to Leeways for lunch and then on to the tennis club ~ Connor and Gisela lost their doubles match but Connor went on to won his singles match 6-0 6-2 ~ He played stunning tennis and I am SOOOOOO proud of him.  We spent a little time at home and then I had coffee with Tayla's parents when I dropped her off.  Now I need to go and finish off some work and then the week starts again.

  Before I rush off, let me share a layout with you.
I love these photos of Dean and Jo and this layout highlights them perfectly.
My darling friend Natalie, who now lives in New Zealand, had a wedding cake featured in this magazine.  I am so proud of her that I had to "celebrate" with her by creating a page about it.  The page worked perfectly alongside the page on Dean and Jo.
Wishing you all a frenetic-free week!  Enjoy!!!

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  1. Stunning models you have in these pages Lynn! Do you have their names for future photo shoots? Would love to get them to pose for me HERE!!