Thursday, 5 May 2011

Sister's Dinner ~ 5 May 2011

  Once a month my sisters and I get together for dinner ~ Tonight we went to Torino's which is a pizza place at the entrance to Aspen Hills Estate.  First time I have been there.  Noleen and I shared their haloumi cheese and foccacia for starters and a bacon & mushroom pizza followed by hot chocolate for Noleen and cuppaccino for me.  I am not a big fan of pizza but this one was really good ~ nice thin, crispy base and topping just right. 

  Before I go and jump into bed I wanted to share some photos from tonight ...
A Mother's Day gift for my sisters ... each one got a different magazine and a
different colour basket (from West Pack at Lifestyle).
My precious sister Noleen ~ Can you believe she is the Granny to
3 gorgeous boys??
It is really difficult to take a photo of my two nutty sisters ~ This one is
one of 18 photos taken of them tonight.
Sleep tight!!!


  1. Lovely idea - the gift baskets look lovely. You are so good to your sistes

  2. Lynn, thanks for the really stunning gift filled with all the goodies I LOVE!

  3. Your Mothers Day gifts look stunning!!!!
    Hope you all have a stunning mothers Day!
    Lotsa Love!!!