Saturday, 7 May 2011

Saturday morning ~ 7 May 2011

  06h00 and I'm up and about ... Richard is joining Graeme, Ian and Steven (who he used to work with at T&A) for a ride from the Blockhouse ~ Vaal ~ Dasville ... we have a funny connection to Dasville ~ when we were driving back from honeymoon we got stuck behind a truck LOADED with cows and they all decided to relieve their bladders at the same time and we were the target!!! LOL!!! We pulled off the road into Dasville to clean our windscreen.  Last night Connor asked Richard "What's at Dasville?" and the answer was "A petrol station" and that is the truth!!!
  Connor is visiting Tayla today so I will drop him off and then do some errands and hopefully get some scrapbooking done today.  ENJOY whatever it is you do today.

Here's some photos of my honey leaving this morning ...
This photo was taken without the flash ~ I am
amazed at how it came out.

Cute biker dude!

Enjoy your ride my love!

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  1. Rather disappointment for them with their outing getting rained out :-(