Monday, 2 May 2011

Monday 2 May 2011

Here's a roundup from the last couple of days.
Richard ~ The proud owner of a red Honda XR650L.

FRIDAY = workday!  I left work early to go with Richard to fetch his motorbike ~ just as well I did as we had forgotten to arrange the insurance and without that he could not take delivery of his bike.  This is the first (nearly) brand new bike he has had ~ there were a couple of miles on the clock which resulted in a R4,000 reduction in the price.  The guys at Kyalami Honda make this such a special occasion ~ Once all the paperwork is done and you are ready to leave they ring a bell and everyone in the store stops what they are doing and everyone claps and cheers ~ I get goose bumps just thinking about it!!!  Connor and I followed Richard home and every time we came up next to him he was smiling.  After dinner we took the bike round to show Graeme and Wendy and Richard offered for Graeme to try out the bike so the two of them went around the block ~ Graeme on Richard's bike and Richard on Graeme's BMW.  Wendy made us some delicious home-made custard and served it with madeira cake.

This engine is called "Janine".

SATURDAY morning we were up early as we were joining Graeme, Wendy and the kids to go on the steam train ride from Jhb Station to Magaliesburg.  Graeme managed to keep it a secret for Wendy for the past two weeks.  We arrived at the station early so that we could take photos of the train.  It was really bittersweet as I looked at the engine and remembered the times that we had been to the station when my Dad was a train driver.  I was rather disappointed at how dirty the engine was and could just imagine my Dad's reaction.  The carriages also need a rather serious scrub ~ Guess I could volunteer to do that for them!!! LOL!!!

While we were waiting for the train to get going I saw a couple sitting behind us who were taking photos of each other ~ I asked if I could take a photo of them together and they were very grateful and told me that it was their anniversary.

The kids ready and waiting for the train to get going.

The carriage we were in filled up with an Indian family
 ~ the one young guy was sooooo very loud that eventually about an hour into the trip I asked him to please speak softer as we were not all interested in what he had to say. 

We got off at the first stop and walked through the main street of Magaliesburg ~ WOW!!! it has changed so much in the last couple of years ~ all the curio shops are gone.  We found a little restaurant and had bruch there ~ not a bad meal but as usual I got cold food!!! LOL!!!!  We then walked back down the main road and had an ice-cream.  We ended up sitting at the 'station' watching the kids playing while waiting for the train.  The trip back was lovely.  A lovely day all in all.
The boys on the front of the engine.

Ali gave me this gorgeous beanie.  It was cold enough to wear today.

SUNDAY ~ I spent the day scrapbooking with Noleen at her house.  She had 200 photos printed and we completed 7 or 8 pages for her different books.  Last night I started watching Blind Side but couldn't stay awake to the end.

MONDAY ~ YAY!!!! no work today!!!  Had a lazy start to the morning ~ finished watching The Blind Side in my jarmies.  Showered and got ready ~ Connor is spending the day with his new friend Tayla ~ he met her through my friend Marian's sister and they have been chatting on BBM.  Tayla invited me in to have coffee with her parents ~ this is quite different from most of the manners of the kids of today.  She has lovely parents. 

When I got home I thought that I had better photograph some of the pages which Wendy has been begging me to post ... here are some of them.  Enjoy!!!

TARYN was supposed to come to S.A. after Christmas for a holiday ~ the reason that it was after Christmas was that she would need to work the Christmas season as this is the time when she would be able to earn the most commission at the jewellery store she works at.  She then told me that she was unable to come and I was totally devastated as I was missing her soooooo much. 

  On 1 January 2011 Wendy called us while we were walking at Walter Sisulu Botanical Gardens with Alison and invited us for coffee that afternoon.  I thought nothing of it and when we arrived at Wendy's house Courteney came down the stairs to greet us and I saw someone else walking behind her which I assumed was her friend ... Much to my surprise and abolute delight it was Taryn.  I had just fixed my make-up before we came to Wendy and now it was all running down my face ... not that I minded!!!! 
  It was all a little overwhelming but it was wonderful knowing that she would be around for the next 13 days and I would get time to spend with her.
  Us girls were sitting and chatting and the next thing I looked into the lounge and there Taryn was fast asleep on her darling Richie's chest.  It is so special to see that their relationship is still the same 20 years later.  Richard was in his absolute element and they both looked so relaxed in each other's company.

I used a flower from a letter sticker pack to
 highlight the date.


I used paper with a very light flower pattern
which I highlighted with paper flowers.

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  1. Awesome awesome awesome photos ... love Richie with his new bike. Thanks for putting up the layouts - now I can CASE them ;-)

    Hope your week is awesome.

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