Thursday, 28 April 2011

I'm back ... 28 April 2011 21h15

I am feeling rather tired now after being up for such a long time.  I have just finished arranging my scrap area and feel much better about it.  Perhaps I will be able to sleep tonight!!! LOL!!!

As promised here are some before and after pictures I took.
BEFORE ... The two big plastic tubs on the top shelf which house amongst other things my stamps were such a pain to use as I had to move everything when I wanted to access them ~ the result was that I hardly used my stamps.  I hate things that do not stand up straight and my books on the bottom shelf were forever leaning over ~ yuck!!!

AFTER ... We bought this unit many years ago at a little antique shop in Edenvale ~ it has been in the motorbike zozo and I thought that it would add a stunning organization element to my scrapbook space ... It houses such a lot of stuff and my two tubs now have a shelf of their own and I will be able to use the contents so much easier.


  1. I didn't think you could get any more organised than you already were! I wondered what had happened to that cupboard ~ now its getting good use!

  2. Looks Stunning!!!! xxx