Sunday, 9 July 2017


I said to someone the other day that I am scrapbooking as if I have a HUGE deadline ... which I don't ... however I am getting lots of stuff done.

Here are some recent pages I have done ...
 This is one of my favourite layouts which I have replicated a number of times ... Here I used it for two of my most favourite subjects ... My hunny and my 'boyfriend' Ian Sim.

 I am one single page layout away from finishing my New Zealand 2016 album ... Here are some of the pages I have done in the album:
I loved this beautiful bush, which was close to Kelly's school, so much that one day we stopped to take photos

 Some other layouts ...

This is also a kit for the Scrap Addicts

I have done this page as a kit for the Scrap Addicts and I am going to use it in December for our trip to New Zealand.
 This is one of Ali's kits for the Scrap Addicts which I finished recently ... I love how it came out.


  1. Such beautiful layouts Lynn. Haven't been visiting here for a while and I see loads has been happening in your lives xxx
    {Doing Life – my personal blog}

    1. Thanks Desire ... I needed to catch up a month of blogging so decided today I would get as much done as possible. Have been VERY busy scrapbooking ... and getting loads of pages done.

  2. Beautiful work, Lynn. You have talent for this.