Sunday, 9 July 2017


Saturday 8 July 2017: This morning I did ParkRun for the fist time in a long while ... Linda Wood is here from Cape Town so we decided to do it together.  Our time wasn't great but at least we got out and exercised!!!!

When I got home I took Connor and Steph to the big Pick 'n Pay in search of flannel pj bottoms for Connor to wear to the Slumber Party ... We found some at Pep stores and also a pair of slippers.  We had a lovely breakfast at Wimpy and I had a second cuppa coffee while the kids did some shopping.

When we got home Graeme was here to drop off his newly re-sprayed Vespa Scooter ... Richie did some fiddling and got it going better and then took it out for a ride ... he had such a lot of fun and came flying past the house hooting away ...

Here the kids are ready to go out with their blankets to donate

Sunday 9 July 2017: This morning my hunny was out at 7 for a ride to Villiers with his friend Mitch and I got up and took his company car for a wash and wax.  When I got home Connor and Steph were home and said that they had a great time last night.

I decided to get a bit of blogging done this afternoon as I am getting reminders that I have been very quiet on my blog from my darling Jo ~ At least she keeps up to date what is happening in my life from my blog.


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  2. My blog fix... I am a super happy girl today... Thank you ❣❣❣