Monday, 10 July 2017


10 July 2017: My hunny had to get himself some new wheels as they changed from company car to car allowance at work ... He really wanted another Tiguan however after a disappointing visit to VW in Vereeniging he was driving past Mercedes and decided to go in ... and so a love affair started.

After stunning service from Cindy at New Vaal Motors we had a frustrating week of trying to secure finance through my own company (no names mentioned!!!!) we eventually signed the papers for the car on Friday and today my hunny went off to collect the car.  I got to take the car for a test drive after dinner ... OMWord!!!!! It is seriously sexy and purrs like a kitten.

Wishing you many happy miles my hunny!!!!

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  1. Huge congratulations!!! It is awesome. Many happy miles!!!!