Sunday, 2 July 2017


1 July 2017: On Wednesday afternoon I had a quick lunch with my friend Roz in Rivonia and on my way out of the centre I saw I had missed a call from my friend Pat Jenkerson ~ you would have seen her photo on my posts about our Crocheting and Knitting group get-togethers.

I returned her call and she said that she had been calling to see if I could meet her for a cuppa coffee on Thursday or Friday but I was at Nedbank Park in Selby both those days so it was difficult for me to get all the way to the other side of town.  We decided to meet on Saturday morning at the Woolies Cafe in Nicolway.

I was at a loss as to why Pat would want to see me and spent two days trying to figure out what on earth could have prompted this invitation.  Well off I went on Saturday morning and we had a lovely time catching up and laughing about a myriad of subjects.

Eventually she says "I guess you have been wondering why I asked you to meet me?" My response "Yep ... I couldn't figure it out." 

Now Pat has crocheted the most beautiful poncho and I said that I wanted it for myself.  However under pressure from all the girls in the Crocheting and Knitting group she said she was going to draw up a Time Share Agreement for the poncho to which I answered that I would then serve her with an Objection Notice.  So in our conversation setting up our meeting on Saturday she says that she will bring the timeshare notice and I said I would bring my objection notice.

Anyways ... we are having our second cuppa coffee and Pat brings out this formal Time Share Notice saying that I have a life long share in the poncho and I say ... sorry I didn't bring my objection notice.  Next thing Pat puts this bag on the table and inside is a poncho for me!!!!!!!  OMWord!!!! I was so sad that I didn't dress in black as I was going to because then I could have put the poncho on immediately.

2 July 2017: This morning I made sure I dressed so that I could wear my new poncho ... look how beautiful it is!!!!  And she made this in a week!!!!  I feel so spoiled!!!!!

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  1. Absolutely love the poncho. You have the bestest friend.
    {Doing Life – my personal blog}