Sunday, 18 June 2017


16 - 18 June 2017: We loved Zaagkuil so much last year when we visited in September for our Spring Retreat that we decided to return this year for our Winter Retreat.

As usual we designed pages for each other and this is the page I did for the girls ... I used photos from our trip to New Zealand when we visited the Winter Gardens at the Auckland Domain.

I found this pretty protea paper a while ago and although proteas are very South African I was surprised when we were in New Zealand that I did see some proteas around the corner from Nats' house.  On my finished layout I did remove the protea on the top right as I could not find enough for all the girls and I added another embellishment.  I bought the pink letters in New Zealand.

We had an absolutely awesome weekend ~ I picked Alison up and we met Leonie and Rika in Pretoria for breakfast and on our way down the passage to Woolies we discovered an awesome wool shop ... I bought a couple of balls of wool ... and so my knitting projects increased!!!

We drove through to Zaagkuil and the guys helped us unpack and we got ourselves organised and after a cuppa coffee we got started scrapping.

My beautiful bedroom
After an awesome dinner we scrapped some more and had a bit of a late night.  Ali filled my hot water bottle before I went to bed and I slept like the dead.

On Saturday morning we were up early (me a bit later than the other girls) and after a healthy breakfast we got back to our scrap tables. 

There was some fun and games on Friday afternoon ... Jaco's dog was bitten by a puff adder and Jaco rushed him through to Bela Bela and fortunately the vet was able to save him ... he stayed overnight at the vet and Jaco fetched him on Saturday afternoon.  He had a HUGE swollen neck but looked good.

Richard arrived at about 4 and immediately changed and we went on a game drive with Jaco ... it seemed like the game were in hiding as we only saw a giraffe (one of my absolute favourites!!!) and lots of beautiful birds including two owls.  We stopped halfway through the drive and had a drink and some snacks.
Me, Leonie, Rika and Ali
The sunset was beautiful!

We bought each other gifts ~ I unfortunately didn't take a photo of the one I gave the girls but here is what I received ...
Ali's gift

Leonie's gift
Rika's gift
We had another divine dinner and spent a lot of time chatting to the guys after which we scrapped a bit more.  Richard was tired after his long off-road ride so he had a shower and went to bed and I joined him a little later.

After breakfast on Sunday we continued scrapbooking and Richard went out for a walk and met Elvis and Priscilla at the hide ... When Richard went to take a photo of Elvis he was firstly very interested in the camera and then turned his attention to Richard's ear ...

Gerrie baked some cupcakes for Father's Day tea time ... they looked gorgeous and tasted awesome ... Thanks Gerrie!!!!

After lunch we started to pack up slowly ... it always seems like home-time comes far too quickly when you are having an awesome time.

Richie packed up the car and the trailer for us and all too soon we were on the road back home.  The traffic was quite busy being the end of a long weekend and I was glad that I didn't have to drive ... Thanks my hunny!!!!

Can't wait for our next visit to Zaagkuil!!!!

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