Saturday, 25 March 2017


25 March 2017: After breakfast with Gordon and Noleen this morning I drove through to Lifestyle to collect the bag I had fixed at the tailor, had a quick visit to West Pack (can't go to Lifestyle without visit the 'plastic shop') and then I called Wendy to check what time their shop closes and went through to Midrand to visit her. 

When she knocked off we went next door the Spur and had a burger and cream soda float followed by a Latte.  The service was unfortunately VERY slow and the food, as usual, was luke warm but the company was awesome.

While visiting the shop I looked at some lights for my scrapbooking sanctuary ... and saw these two very tempting possibilities ...

 In the middle of the photo above are three black 'cage' looking fittings ... They are very pretty and then in the second photo are three black shades which I also really like.  Decisions ... decisions ... decisions!!!!

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