Friday, 14 April 2017


 14 April 2017: Today started out really slowly ~ I did some catching up on Facebook and as I only go onto Facebook once in a while there is always so much to catch up on.  I eventually jumped in the shower and when asked by Mom what we wanted for lunch we decided to go to the Circus Cafe for a pizza ... I called Connor, as he is house sitting at Steph's house while they are in Cape Town, and he came through to the house and we drove to the Circus together.  Of course I had to take photos ...

This would be the perfect photo if only my hunny's eyes were open!!!


 I walked around a bit and took some photos while waiting for lunch ... It was so awesome to see my hunny and my boy chatting up a storm.

I spent the afternoon in front of the TV knitting ... My blanket has really grown since the photo I took on the 2nd.  I knitted 30 rows today!

I'm off to bed ... Hope everyone had a restful day today remembering the reason for the holiday.

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