Wednesday, 1 March 2017


 My beautiful Christmas gift from my friend Sam ... I have worn this pendant nearly every day since she gave it to me.
5th January 2017: My friend Linda Le Warne treated me to an early birthday breakfast at Tasha's in Rivonia Road.  As usual I was early so I took a stroll around the centre and saw this beautiful door on one of the shops.

 I was spoiled with a lucky packet of gifts ... I love the blue scarf/shawl which Linda bought at a market held in our building late last year ... My boss at the time and I bumped into Linda and I said that the only thing I would buy in the whole market was this scarf/shawl and lo and behold she got it for me.

12 February 2017:  Connor's friend Rex did a Kirby demonstration for us on 12 February 2017.  It is a really spectacular system however it is horrendously expensive.  If I could afford it I would most definitely buy one.
26 February 2017: The kids went with me to Lifestyle as I wanted to get an album and a plastic box.  We were about to go to Clearwater and have something to eat when I saw I missed a call from my hunny.  His plans had been cancelled so I said we would meet him at The Glen.  We had brunch at Mugg & Bean and then did some shopping.  Connor got himself a second screen for his computer and went to drop it in the car.

When my hunny and I went out to the car on Sunday night we found that someone had tried to break into my car ... thankfully they were disturbed.

This is my hunny fixing the lock on my car door on Monday night.  I am so lucky that I have someone who knows how to do these things.
My gorgeous yellow roses, planted in memory of my friend Queen Joan, are flowering ... so all I say is "Hi my precious Queen Joan ... How are things in heaven?"

I am part of a 6 lady stokvel at work ~ we each pay R500 a month so twice a year we each get R3,000.  February is my month so I decided to spoil myself with a new dinner service ... it happened quite by chance.  I went into Checkers in Northgate looking for wool and "bumped" into this dinner service and fell instantly in love.  I got a new iron at the same time as ours had given up the ghost.  Another spoil from my stokvel was a pedicure and wax and a new teal coloured sheer curtain for my scrapbook room.

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