Friday, 31 March 2017


Denver giving his "Thank You"speech
31 March 2017: I used to work with Dave Lawson in Regional Office and before I left he moved to our Home Loans Division.  Often when I am at our offices in Selby we have a quick catch up over a cuppa coffee.  At the beginning of March he told me about a fund-raiser they were having for his son, Denver, who is going with his school to play water polo in America.  I quickly offered to get a table of 10 people together and tonight we had an awesome time at the Hollywood Walk of Fame at the Barnyard in Cresta.

Our table was made up of ...
 My hunny and me
Connor and Steph
 Wendy and Norma

One of my old bosses Darryl Feldman and his family

Outside the barnyard was a display of outdoor furniture ... If we had left Connor and Steph on this comfy piece we could have woken them after the show to go home.

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