Wednesday, 29 March 2017


I follow Marcia Francois a.k.a. Organizing Queen and today I received her first newsletter for 2017 in my in-box.  Here is the end of her newsletter which really caught my attention ...

If you've felt like you haven't really found your feet this year yet, you're not alone.
Stop. Breathe. Give yourself the grace to start again.

Grab a pen and paper, or the Let's Do This 2017 guide, and jot down a few intentions, just for the next month.  My answers are in pink.

I want April to be productive.

                 (peaceful/ productive/ calm/ joyful/ simple/ whatever)

I want to feel energized.

If these 3 things get done, I will consider the month a success.
1.  Finish the wedding album I am working on
2.  Knit at least 10 rows three times a week
3.  Complete at least 2 ParkRuns (walk) in the month.

Remember if something's not working for you, stop and regroup. What's not working? How can you make it better?

I'd love to see your intentions for April.

Until next time...

Love and warm autumn thoughts coming your way

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