Sunday, 5 February 2017


5 February 2017: This morning Sheron and I set off for Rosebank Mall to visit Nedbank so Sheron could get a new bank card and open an investment.  Sheron has worked for us, as a domestic goddess, for the past 17 or 18 years and is really part of our family.

I asked Wendy if she wanted to meet us for breakfast ... The bank was quite busy but we got served quite quickly and then had to see a banker for Sheron to open the investment and then get back in the queue to make the deposit into the new investment account.

I got up to speak to Wendy and when I came back into the office I asked Sheron what her and the banker were speaking about and she said that they were speaking about me and Sheron said that when she tells people about me she wants to cry because we have been so good to her.  The things we do for her feel like the right thing to do and is the way we have treated anyone who has done any work for us and that is why I am always so upset when there are these disgusting messages that go around encouraging black people to kill us white people ~ Not all of us have treated black people with disrespect!!!

After we finished at the bank we decided on the Woolies Cafe for breakfast ... we were quite intrigued by the menu and eventually each of us found something on the menu that caught our fancy.

Wendy had a Fritaffle which is a combination of a frittata and a waffle.  I had french toast and Sheron had a chicken mayo sandwich.

 After enjoying our breakfast we wandered through the mall and did some shopping.

On our way home we drove through Rosettenville to get to the KFC to get lunch for my hunny and were shocked when we got to the intersection at Verona and Prairie Streets to see hosts of police and even two mounted police ... only to find out that there had been a massive demonstration against the prostitution and drugs that are rife in the area.  Thankfully we got there after the crowds has dispersed.  Scary when these things happen not even 2km's from your home!!!

I was so happy to have been able to spoil Sheron a bit and let her experience something different.

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