Saturday, 21 January 2017


15 January 2017: Today is the first scrapbook date of the year and we are meeting at Ali's house and I am so excited as I get to meet Malaika today.

Malaika is a disabled kitty that Ali has adopted ... She lived with a family before who could not really afford to look after her and she had a badly broken leg which was not attended to so when the SPCA found her they took her away from the family and instead of putting her down they decided to amputate her leg.  She is absolutely beautiful and is a real challenge for Ruby who is not used to having such an energetic sibling.

She likes to bite and when I picked her up she rewarded me with some HUGE purrs after chewing my hand ... 
 When you see this little girl running around you would never say she had only 3 legs!
We visited Urban Angel for lunch and I had an awesome Lamb Chops with roasted veggies and cauliflower mash meal ... I was licking my lips after this awesome meal.  We took some dessert back to Ali's which we had later with coffee.

So another year of scrapbooking with my precious Scrap Addicts has started with an awesomely relaxing day filled with awesome company, great food and the sharing of our therapeutic hobby!!!

Thanks for keeping us going Ali!!!!

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