Sunday, 14 August 2016


14 August 2016: This morning I spent time (eventually) updating my blog and then jumped in the shower as I had a lunch date with my youngest sister Jenny and my older sister Noleen and my brother-in-law Gordon.  We met at The Mall Of The South and went to Fournos because Just Darling had a waiting list.

We had an awesome 3.5 hours of catching up and dragged ourselves away at 16h00.  Thanks girls!!!!
 Jenny has recently returned from a trip to Italy and brought me this gorgeous gift ... Spoiled I am!!!!  Thanks Jen!!!

When I was going through Facebook a few minutes ago I saw this message and it resonated with me and fit in with the conversations we had at lunch ... With all the challenges we had growing up we have turned out better than I think anyone expected!!!

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  1. Spending time with sisters are always special xx