Sunday, 28 August 2016


Friday 26 August 2016 : Today I worked half day then had a very sweet escort out of the building ... my colleagues Mary and Mpumi carried my bags all the way to my car to say "Bye"and it was a bit of an emotional one as I am not coming back to this office at the end of my leave.

Connor wanted to get Krispy Kreme so we shot through to Clearwater and popped into Exclusive Books at the same time and I got him a couple of books - Nothing like a Mommy who is feeling sad to be leaving her boy at home.

When we got home we finished our packing and then Wendy came through and we took the scenic route to the airport as there were some issues on the highway.

Once we had our bags wrapped and we were checked in we went to Capello's for a light dinner ... average food and TERRIBLE service which was really disappointing. 

 Before we knew it it was time to get going ... So a HUGE hug and kisses to my boy and we embarked on our adventure.

Once we boarded the airplane we were told that there was a delay as the in-flight entertainment system was not working ... REALLY!!!???  After half an hour they decided that we would take off and it would be fixed en-route.  
 We are not good at selfies so these are blurred but I am going to use them anyways.
I watched Eddie the Eagle on the flight which I had heard about from my friend Eddie McGilton ~ it was a really sweet movie and of course was made all that much better as it has Hugh Jackman in it!!!

Saturday 27 August 2016: We caught up time and landed in Sydney and rushed through to the next gate only to be told that our flight was delayed by 2 hours as the windscreen of the aircraft was cracked ... Huh???!!!  We were given a AU$20 voucher each so we ambled around and found a place to have something to eat and drink and "recharge our batteries!!!"  LOL.

We let Nats know that we were delayed and then freshened up and embarked on the next leg of our journey.

Although I was really frustrated with Qantas for the two delayed flights I must say that the crew were exceptional and the food was REALLY good!!! 

On this flight I watched Mother's Day with Jennifer Aniston which was another good movie.

We landed in Auckland and had a really pleasant experience going through passport control and then found my darling friend and her hubby waiting for us in arrivals ... I wanted to do the happy dance but didn't want to frighten the locals!!!!

And so our first time in Auckland, New Zealand starts.

When we got to the Baker Home we had a lovely cuppa coffee and chatted up a storm until we looked at our watches and it was 2am Sunday morning ... of course we had traveled 10 hours into the future!!!  So we all dropped into bed for some needed rest.

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