Wednesday, 29 June 2016


Monday 27 June 2016, my Hunny and I celebrated our 29th wedding anniversary.  

We decided to spend the evening quietly at home (well actually I spent the evening working!  I know, I know ... work life balance ~ it actually does  not exist!!!)

Last week I got my regular e-mail from Sterns (not sure how I got on the mailing list!) and of course I always go and have a look at the blue collections as I LOVE blue stones.
Silver ring with Tanzanite and white topaz

I was blown away when I saw this ring ... as it looks VERY similar to my original engagement ring which was stolen when our home was burgled on 5th July 21 years ago.  I was heartbroken when I realized that they had taken my ring.  I was 9 months pregnant at the time and my hands were very swollen and I put my ring on then took it off and left it on the dressing table and of course when we got home I went directly to the bedroom and my ring was gone.
Now you have to remember that this was not a big expensive ring ... I paid R170.80 for it but the sentimental value was HUGE as it was exactly what I was looking for!

So I showed my Hunny the picture and he said "Oh that's nice" and that was that.  On Sunday at breakfast he asks me "Can I buy that ring for you?" and of course the answer was a resounding "Yes!!! please".  We went to The Glen on Sunday afternoon but they unfortunately didn't have one in stock and the lady offered to check the system for another store that had stock and one of the stores was Mall of The South so off we went and the lady at Sterns was super helpful.  She sent the ring for resizing and said she would let us know as soon as it was ready.

This afternoon, 29 June 2016, my Hunny called me and said "Sterns called" ... and my head started singing "Oh happy day!!!!"

So .... here is my hand this afternoon after I went and collected my ring ... I am so thankful for my awesome Hunny who spoils me rotten!!!!!
 These are other photos I took of my ring
Some memories out of my "Richard & Lynn Forever" album ...
This is a page in our album about our engagement

Look how cute my hunny is with that huge moustache!!!

My favourite photo from our wedding

Another page from my "Favourite Photos"part of our album


  1. Happy Anniversary to an awesome couple. Here's to the next 29 years. Love love love the ring!

    1. Thanks Jx! Looking forward to the next 29 years!!! I can't stop staring at my ring.


  2. Congratulations! That's a long time! The ring is beautiful.

    1. Thanks sweet friend ... It really does not feel like we have been married for so long!

  3. Happy anniversary. Love you both! PS: your ring is gorgeous

    1. Thank you my darling Jo. Will be able to show it to you in person soon!!!!