Saturday, 30 April 2016


Saturday 30th April 2016 ... 15h34 and I have that song stuck in my head ... however I have done quite a bit today ...

For the first time this year ...
Rietvlei Parkrun, JHB South results for event #127. 
Your time was 00:58:51.Congratulations on completing your 30th Parkrun and your 29th at Rietvlei Parkrun, JHB South today.

I am delighted with my results as I have not exercised at all this year and am feeling particularly out of shape and really podgy!  This is just the kick in the butt that I needed to start getting my head sorted out and my weight under control.  I really don't want to have an uncomfortable flight to New Zealand at the end of August!!!!

After my walk I met my sister and brother-in-law (Noleen and Gordon) for a quick breakfast at Wimpy ~ I haven't see them for a while so it was awesome catching up with them. 

Then home ... ran a lovely hot bath and relaxed in the bath and finished reading "Property of a Noblewoman" by Danielle Steel ... An absolutely gorgeous book.  And then the dreaded plucking of the eyebrows ensued! :) But at least now they are done!

I am now going to sort out some photos ~ been having a lot of frustration with Windows 10 (not unlike my struggles at work with SAP) ~ and do some more blog posts.

Hope you are all having a stunning Saturday knowing that you have one extra day to relax this weekend.

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