Saturday, 13 February 2016


Twice a year we have recognition functions at work ... in the past we used to have one big Regional Function now we have them in the different areas in our Region which are not as much fun. I attended two functions for the areas I look after.

ROSEBANK AREA had their function at the Wanderer's Golf Club in Houghton on Thursday 4th February.

I arrived a bit early and sat outside working on my laptop (the view is of the golf course is gorgeous) until the committee arrived.  It was really funny sitting there listening to these old guys at a table next to me gossiping (in South Africa we call it 'skinnering') about other people and using such foul language that at one point I had to have a look to see how old these guys were and then they apologized but continued with the same language.  It was rather hysterical because I could just imagine my Dad sitting in their midst.
Jurieka and Alencia
I slipped away early from the function as I had to get home to finish a return I was working on for our Regional General Manager.  I worked until 00h30 when I couldn't see straight any more.

JOZI WEST had their function on Saturday 13th February at Usambara on the West Rand which is mostly a wedding venue.  Before the function started there was juice served in the garden.  There was a bridal couple having their photos taken in the garden as well.  We entered the hall at 6h30 ~ The venue's staff had done a lot of hard work and the hall looked awesome.

Our Area Manager, Steven Fraser, dressed in his African regalia started handing out the awards which is always the exciting part of the evening ~ Because the area had done so well there were many awards to hand out.  Some of the staff did a dance when their names were called out.

 Here are some of the support staff, me included, who were recognized (and I match with the table cloth!!!). 
Steven, Mandy, Florah, Jurieka, Michelle and me

All the area winners
Then ... we had a belly dancer.  OMGoodness!!!!! Usually belly dancers have a bit more meat on them ... This lady was OK but went on for FAR too long and then came back a second time!!!!  Here our manager from Randfontein, Lebo, was having a bit of a dance with her ... hysterical!!!! as he has no rhythm.
 Then she got a few of the other guys involved.
 Then .... we had to sit through a burlesque type routine which would be appropriate for a bachelor's party ... certainly not for a work function!!!!  Then the belly dance came back on and then the burlesque dancers again  ... ENOUGH ALREADY!!!!!  It's 20h40 and I'm hungry!!!!!

I ended up being the official photographer for the evening as Johan had forgotten his camera at home and when his wife arrived with it the battery was completely flat. 
I left the function at around 10pm, just after dessert was served, to fetch Connor and Steph ~ I had dropped them at Cradlestone Mall on my way so that they could go to dinner and movies at the IMax theatre.  They had a stunning pre-Valentines evening with dinner at Dopio Zero after they had bad service at Mythos and then they saw Deadpool which they obviously enjoyed because they couldn't stop speaking about it.

It was so nice not to have to drive home on my own.

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  1. Oh my are so right...those dancers would be more at home at a bachelor's party.