Thursday, 17 December 2015


17 December 2015 : Today was the day set aside for our Christmas Party ~ I went to the office, had coffee with AnnaMarie and worked until 09h00 and then left to drive through to Gold Reef City.  When I got there the park was already open although it normally opens at 10h00.  There were queues a mile long and it was already incredibly hot.  I called my boss and asked if they had booked tickets as the line to pay by credit card was not moving and the queue to pay by cash was 10 people wide and a hundred people long.  She said that they had not but that she would join me shortly.  When another 5 of the team had joined us we made the decision that we were not going to go into the Theme Park but would go across to the casino side and have lunch and then go to movies.

We decided on Spur for lunch and the table they gave us on the balcony gave us a perfect view of the ferris wheel ~ the slowest moving ride in the park ... and the Tower of Terror ~ the fastest and scariest ride in the park.  The service was rather slow so we decided to forgo the movie and chill at Spur. 

After lunch most of our colleagues decided to go home so 7 of us (Xoliswa, Thuli, Mandla, Emily (the birthday girl), Ndumiso, Bernie and myself) decided to go Ten Pin Bowling ... We had a huge amount of fun.

When we got outside a photo shoot ensued ...

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