Monday, 7 December 2015


I cannot believe that our Christmas Scrapbook Retreat has been and gone.  It is something that I look forward to each year.

This year we decided to go back to The Good Shepherd ~ for those of you who read my blog you will know how much I love this place.  It is basic, clean and we know what to expect.

Although thoroughly exhausted as I stayed up on Thursday night to update my blog, I was up normal time on Friday morning, packed my car and did some errands.  I met Ali at Jasmyn for a quick lunch on our way to Good Shepherd ~ We shared a chicken mayo followed by a banana and bar one waffle ... YUMMY!!!!  Linda joined us but she had just had lunch at the conference she was attending so she didn't partake in the yumminess!!!

We drove through to the retreat centre and sorted out the room.  Ali had gotten us lovely Christmas table cloths and Christmas lights for the tables.

When I was half way to the retreat I realized that I had left my cutting mat at home and it also dawned on me that I had forgotten to get the staff a gift ... so Linda and I decided to go to the Harties Mall to see if we could find a new mat for me.  We did manage to get a mini fan for Leonie and me ... some items for the Blessing Boxes we were doing at work ... the gift for the staff ... but a new mat ~ NO GO!!!

When we got back to the convent we put our new fans together and then caught up over a cuppa coffee under the trees and then it was time for dinner.

It is very difficult for me to scrapbook without my large mat so I decided that as I only had my mini mat that I would work on some cards and notebooks for Christmas gifts. Here are the notebooks ...

 And here are some of the cards ...

I love these doors at Jasmyn
On Saturday morning after breakfast we all took a trip to find a mat for me ... We were headed to Paper World somewhere in Hartebeespoort when we drove past the little centre across from Jasmyn and Ali pointed out the Embroidery Shop so we decided to give it a try and there we found one!!!! So instead of driving around we went into Jasmyn and did a quick bit of shopping.  I got us some DELICIOUS koeksusters which we enjoyed on Sunday with coffee.  I showed Leonie the new King Cones and she decided that we needed to try them out ... So after our shopping we sat on the benches outside and enjoyed Caramel & Pecan Nut King Cones ... They are delicious!!!!

When we got back we shared the layouts we had designed for the girls ... As usual we have some gorgeous layouts to make ...
Linda's thought provoking layout
 Linda's thought provoking layout
This is Leonie's gorgeous layout

Ali's masterpiece
My layout.
Our favourite meal at Good Shepherd is the Sunday roast ... It was absolutely delicious!!!  And the ice-cream was yum yum yummy!!!

The only discomfort for us was the heat ... even the wind was hot ... which sapped our energy ~ although I did manage to scrap until 2am on Saturday and Sunday mornings.  On Sunday night I had to admit defeat at midnight.  I was working on getting my 2013 albums finished ... Because of the whole cutting mat debacle I lost a number of hours of scrapbooking time but got really close.  I will finish up the rest of the pages on this weekend coming while my boy is away with his girlfriend and my hunny goes riding in Harrismith with the boys.

On Monday morning Ali gave us each a piece of paper and said we need to write a note to Santa ... Here are the results ...

And so we finish another year of amazing friendship which is enriched by our love of scrapbooking!!!
Thanks girls!  Love you all!!!!!  And let's hope our Christmas Wishes come true!!!