Tuesday, 15 December 2015


15 December 2015 : My sister Norma and I are born in the same year ... 11 months and 2 days apart and today she caught up with me and we share the same number until my birthday next month.  

She invited a couple of people round for dinner tonight to celebrate with her.  

She had a bunion operation a couple of days ago and has to sit with her feet up for 10 days ... which is frustrating her immensely because she normally operates at 1,000 miles an hour and tonight she had to mainly sit there are order us around.  

Dinner was delicious pizzas from Gino's, some pasta and salad and I took dessert stuff with.  Sam, Wesley's girlfriend  brought a host of different cakes with and I am surprised that this cake didn't catch on fire with the number of candles in it.

Happy Birthday Sister ... I hope the coming year is filled with health, wealth and much happiness!!!!!!

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