Sunday, 29 November 2015

2015 TOY RUN

29 November 2015 : This year the Toy Run start and end point were the same as last year.  Connor and Richard rode out to The Block House on the R59 and joined the guys there for the ride through to Benoni Northerns Sports Club.  Connor's new girlfriend, Steph, and I drove through and met them there.  We spent some time looking at all the stands and then had a quick bite to eat.

 The sight of all the bikes always makes me quite emotional ... 
 My boys ...

On our way home we decided to pop into the coffee shop at Tulip Garden Centre for banana & caramel pancakes ... we were very disappointed as they were nothing like we were used to.  The new managers made all kinds of excuses for the less than average pancakes ... I certainly won't be going back.

Look how cute these two are!!!!


  1. The Mission has been beneficiaries of the Toy Run for years now...I am still blown away by the generosity and heart of people x

    1. That is the reason we continue to support the Toy Run ... And it is amazing to know that they support The Mission. That makes me so happy!!!

  2. Gorgeous pic of Connor and Steph!