Thursday, 1 October 2015


1 October 2015: As they say in the classics ... "You can choose your friends, but you can't choose your family".  I beg to differ ... I have certainly had the honour of choosing my 'heart sisters' and one of mine is my precious friend Roz.

Today I met Rozzie for a long awaited lunch at Lifestyle ~ We chose Silver Birch and we sat under the trees, ate stunning salads and drank tea and lattes.  It was just what my soul needed after a couple of manic days at the office.

When Connor heard that I was having lunch with Rozzie today he begged to come with and flew out of bed at 05h15 this morning and was ready to leave with me at 05h50.

Rozzie got the hugest hug from him and I love to watch the way she interacts with him and accepts him for the amazing human being he is ~Thanks my friend!!!! 
And of course after lunch we had to pop into Reader's Warehouse for Connor to drool over some more books.

This evening I spent a long time on the phone chatting to my precious Aunty Ria who turned 83 today ... she sounded rather sad when she answered the phone but we ended up have a wonderful catch-up.

Hope you had a Terrific Thursday.

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