Saturday, 3 October 2015


This morning I took my Mom to the doctor to renew her prescription and when we got home I did what I have been wanting to do the whole week ... take photos of three of the beautiful flowers in my garden ... I do not have a fancy garden however there are elements in my garden that are HUGE memories of friends for me ... here are two of them ...
 These yellow roses are in memory of my friend Joan who lost her battle with cancer ... I called her my "Queen Joan" who lived in Texas ... so of course The Yellow Rose of Texas is a fitting reminder of her.
My precious friend Natalie who now lives in New Zealand planted this gorgeous rose bush in my garden a number of years ago ... It is right in my line of sight as I leave my house every morning so I say "Morning Nats" on my way out of the house.
 I LOVE lilies and this little one is just too gorgeous.

And then onto flowers of another type ... This is my niece Gina's little girl Anabella ... Isn't she too gorgeous?

Wishing you a soul-refreshing Saturday!!!  I'm off to tidy my scrapbook room..


  1. A lovely glimpse into your world. Enjoy cleaning you scrapbook room, I hope you find many treasures there.

  2. Awh... I'm in tears! What a lovely note and wow that rose is very happy there xx we have to build a bridge over the ocean so u can come play!! Big hugs xx