Sunday, 20 September 2015


19 - 20 September 2015: JOY!!!!! It is our Spring Scrap Retreat at Ali's home.

This is our first date without our precious Lynette (who had promised to scrap in Cape Town at the same time as us!!!) but when we phoned her on Saturday morning she was baby sitting her grand-daughters and promised to scrap on Sunday ... More about that later!!!

On Saturday the three of us ... Ali, Leonie and me ... met at Ali's home and after chatting up a storm shared our challenge pages and then got working.  Our very own Master Chef worthy Ali served us  fresh out of the oven, home made lemon squares with our coffee ... OMGoodness!!!!! They were amazing!

Ali's gorgeous page
Leonie's beautifully embellished page
We popped our to Scrapbook 'n Things at Colourful Nursery to pick up some kits Leonie and Ali had ordered from Lara and took a quick look at the nursery before moving on to Life Style where we had a lovely pasta lunch at Primi.  The back to Ali's house to continue scrapbooking.

Leonie left us at around 5 as she had a lot of work to do at home as she had her kitchen redone this week.  We were VERY sad to see her go.

I served us Mexican Mince wraps and Peppermint Crisp Fridge Tart for dinner ... it was really yummy.
I think I went to bed around midnight and slept like a baby until the security guards who work at the entrance to the area woke me with their noisy voices at around 6.  I got up and had a lovely bath and then back to the scrap table.  Linda joined us at around 8 and we had a lovely breakfast of home made quiches and banana and peanut butter smoothies (heavenly!!!!)

The 5th member of our group was always around and we always enjoy her company.

Here are some of the pages I completed on the weekend ...

 This is my take on Linda's challenge layout
 Here is Ali's layout ...
 I watched a You Tube tutorial on Friday night and tried it out on Saturday and was really happy with the results ... You use a border punch and punch along the length of the paper, you then measure the width of the punch and cut your piece of paper to that width then punch along the other side (starting on the same edge as the first line).  This then gives you a beautiful embellishment

We called Lynette only to find her at a flea market that they saw on their way home from their daughter's house but she promised that she was going to go directly to her scrapbook table when she got home ... We insisted on getting proof that she was at her scrap table ... here is the photo she sent us ....

We miss you Lynette!!!!!

Linda fed us hot dogs for lunch and we finished up the fridge tart and before we knew it it was time to pack up and go home.  Thanks for a stunning weekend Ali ... I loved every minute of it.

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