Monday, 27 July 2015


24 - 26 July 2015: I could not wait for the afternoon of the 24th to arrive ... I left work at about 11h45 and popped past Scrapbook 'n Things to collect a trimmer and blades for Linda and then picked Ali up at her house as she was not allowed to drive after her foot op.  We fitted everything into my car (we packed rather light!!! which is a miracle for us) and off we went.  We had a lovely drive through to Hartebeesport ... We stopped off at Jasmyn (The Windmill) and decided to try the Waffle House for lunch.  We shared a savoury and then a sweet waffle ... We sent the girls this photo with the caption "We got lost and were forced to eat waffles!!!!

OMGoodness!!!! What a lunch.  We were quite hurt that the girls held this against us the whole weekend and kept threatening to go and have waffles without us!!!

When we were leaving we saw the new steps installed to get to the restaurant above the waffle house and also to access the restaurant and book shop at the top of the main shop ...  

I couldn't resist sending Connor this picture ...
When we got to Good Shepherd we arranged the room and I unpacked the car and we got the urn going.  I got the girls each a gift of Justine hand cream, a HUGE Aero, some embellishments and some heat holders socks (from Connor ~ he even chose the colours for each of the girls).

Next to arrive was Leonie and Lynette and after helping them unpack we had a cuppa coffee and a quick catch up.  Linda arrived just before dinner as she got stuck in Friday afternoon traffic out of Sandton and then the traffic jam coming into Hartebeespoort.  We went off to dinner and afterwards shared our challenge layouts ~ Once a quarter we each design a layout and pack packs for each of the girls to complete our layouts ... We are always so excited to get our layouts and start working on them.

Here are the gorgeous layouts that each of the girls made ...
 Leonie and Linda
 Lynette and Alison
 The sunsets at the dam are always spectacular ...
We had a 90 minute power outage on Saturday night but that didn't stop us ... On with the headlamps (I really need to get myself one) and lanterns and we continued until the lights came back on.
 This layout of mine was voted "The Layout of The Weekend"... Such a simple but effective layout that all the girls managed to copy it with their own twist.

All too soon Sunday afternoon rolled around and after lunch we packed up and bid the Convent a fond farewell until December.

Some of the layouts I completed on the weekend ...

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