Saturday, 15 August 2015


15 August 2015: For the past two years we have been preparing ourselves for the retirement of one of our Scrap Addicts ... Mrs O a.k.a. Lynette.  The end of the month is hurtling towards us and this is when Lynette retires and her and her hubby Andy are relocating to Cape Town to be closer to their children and grand children.  I feel thoroughly unprepared for this and I am going to miss her like crazy!!!!

Ali arranged a surprise lunch for them today ... they thought that they were having lunch with Ali but the rest of us Scrap Addicts and Richard arrived at Urban Angel in Boskruin just after they pulled into a parking spot ... they are always early!!!!  So we all followed Ali to their car and she turned to greet Ali and then saw us standing behind Ali and she started to cry.  We couldn't let them go without a formal farewell!!!!

We gave her a sturdy plastic box for some of her scrapbook papers and inside was some double sided tape, all our September challenge layouts (she is going to scrap with us next Sunday so she has something she an work on) and a frame with photos from Women's Day.
 We had a wonderful lunch and chatted up a storm.

 I had a super healthy protein salad for lunch ...

 After lunch we came home and I have spent the past 3 hours updating my blog.  It is nearly dinner time and after dinner I am going to pop down to Wendy to fetch Connor ... he spent the afternoon with his cousins while we were at lunch.

I met my friend Sandra for coffee yesterday afternoon ... I saw the profile message on her What'sApp from 7 July which said "Hartseer dag vir ons" and had a picture of their two dogs ...  Turns out that some disgusting human beings poisoned their big dog and he died.  

Yesterday I was chatting to my friend Delphine about her Mother-in-law's 70th birthday party which is being held this evening and she was saying that her Mom and Aunt were doing the cooking for the party.  At 17h05 yesterday afternoon she sent through a What'sApp saying that her Aunt had just had a heart attack and had passed on in her Mom's arms.  Today when I 'chatted' to her she said that the party was going on as they had out of town visitors and her Mom wanted to continue doing the food as it kept her mind busy and not focusing on the fact that she could do nothing to save her sister.  Life is so short and I think too often we take it for granted.
Delphine's Aunt and Mom


  1. Saying good bye is always sad...I hope you guys stay in contact.

    1. We definitely will keep in touch ... We have already got a scrapbook meet planned in Cape Town in March next year.

  2. I am sorry for the losses your friends have experienced, and happy for your retiring friend moving on to new adventures in her life. What a lovely group of women you have as friends. I always sense so much love in the photos you share.

    1. Hi Shawna, Thanks!!! I am so fortunate to be part of this group of girls!