Saturday, 8 November 2014

SUMMER HOLIDAY ~ 10 Pin Bowling & Remo's

One of our favourite things to do when on holiday in Umhlanga is to go 10 Pin Bowling at Gateway ... On Wednesday late afternoon we took a drive up there and played 2 games followed by Milky Lane.

AND THE SCORES WERE .....................


 This is what the sky looked like on our way back to the flat just before 6pm ....
 6 NOVEMBER ... Another grey morning started out with the boys and their choice of technology. Unfortunately my hunny's choice was not pleasure but work.  We got ourselves ready and took the scenic route to the village to buy water.

 We decided to try Remo's for a cuppa tea and Connor was thrilled when his Vanilla Bourbon arrived and the tea bag was material ... he is really enjoying trying different flavoured teas and has learned to drink them without milk  He also declared that the croissants he had were the best he has had in a long time (and he eats lots of croissants!).  My hunny and I were very English and had a scone with jam and cream ~ Although the service was not fantastic the food was.

Connor went to the loo and was raving about how different it was so off I went with my camera ...

This is just outside the loo.

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