Sunday, 24 August 2014


Last night we spent the evening at the ice rink ... Richard decided that he would buy his own pair of skates as you just don't know the condition of the feet that go into the hire skates ~ He also said that it would make him skate more.  I was shocked at how busy the rink was for a Saturday night.

My boys had so much fun that we left the rink at nearly 22h30.
 This morning we were out the door before 8 and on our way to Heidelberg for breakfast ... It was really chilly and terribly windy but we had a good ride.  

We stopped at the  Heidelberg Club for breakfast ... You can never judge a book by it's cover!!!  It looked great from the road and when we walked in it was rather dodgy.  When we asked for the breakfast menu the lady told us that it was not printed yet!!!???  But she told us what they could do for us ... We settled on the french toast and were pleasantly surprised as the meal was not half bad.

 We got home rather exhausted from the windy ride ... I am now going to defrost in the bath with my book.  This afternoon I will be paying bills, filing papers, sorting out things for the week so I will wish you a super awesome afternoon and will see you again soon.


  1. Good to see you with your new helmet. Sjoe...the cold has hit hard here in the Eastern Cape.

    1. Hey special lady ... I am so happy I have my own helmet now so that if I have the opportunity I can go out with my boys.

      Here in Jhb the cold has hit hard as well. Keep warm!!!