Thursday, 10 July 2014

Sisters Dinner

It has been a really busy, cold week for me with some long hours being worked and I am so happy that it is Friday Eve!!! and Sisters Dinner.

Tonight we chose Cassa Rossi for dinner.

Connor drove with me to the restaurant and sat at another table and did some school work on his tablet ... he has been craving Cassa Rossi's bread sticks and this was the opportunity for him to have some.

As usual the conversation was frenetic and there was much laughter but the real laughter came when we asked Connor to join us at our table for something to drink ... Norma proceeded to order blow jobs for her and Connor and then we asked him to take some photos for us ... As usual it was a real 'production' to get the photos done ~ here is the result ...

 Noleen gave us each a gorgeous heart (which I added to my heart window at my front door when I got home) and a chocolate ...

Norma gave us each a pack of chocolate caramel marshmallows and a packet of all sorts in memory of my Dad who would have been 80 tomorrow ... My Dad LOVED liquorice allsorts and now when I eat them I eat all his favourites first and these were one of his favourites.

All in all a wonderful evening.


  1. What a great looking outing and so cute that Connor was there too. At first I read it as Evil Sisters Dinner. LOL but none of you look evil.

  2. You look stunning in that blue!

  3. Special times. You are truly blessed to have such a wonderful relationship with your sisters.