Saturday, 5 July 2014

Magaliesberg Canopy Tour

Connor turns 19 on Monday.  Connor's birthday gift from his God Mother, my special friend Linda Le Warne, was a trip to the  Magaliesberg Canopy Tour and he asked his best friend Byron to accompany him ~ I tagged along to keep Linda company.  We dropped the boys off with the guides ...
There are always forms to complete ...

I found this heart in the parking lot ... What a nice touch!
At the end of the tour Linda bought Connor the DVD which had photos of their excursion ...

They did the tour along with Miguel and his family from California.
So this is how you do it ...

And then it was the boys turn ...

Just looking at these photos makes me nervous!!!!

And another take off ...

Looking far more comfortable as we go along!

After the tour the guys had a leisurely lunch and then we got on the road ... obviously the adrenalin had worn off and they were worn out!!!  


  1. I didn't understand what a canopy tour was until I saw the pictures. I only know of that as a zipline. I assume canopy tour means the tree canopy.
    They guys sure do look tired out!

    1. Hey Shawna ... It is a zipline which goes above the trees. They were really tired afterwards and today they are still battling after three days of activity.

  2. I love ziplining...we have done the Tsitsikamma canopy tour as well as the ziplining over the waterfalls. Absolutely exhilarating.