Thursday, 12 June 2014

This 'n that on a Thursday!!!

 This morning on the highway I was wondering how my brother-in-law Gordon was doing as he travels the same highway as me to work.  I decided to go off at Gordon Road today and while waiting for the traffic lights to change on the corner of Gordon and Hendrik Potgieter I saw this ...

I stopped to put in petrol and was looking for the sun which was missing in action until I pulled into the entrance of Cradlestone Mall ...
 After my session with the staff at Cradlestone Branch and consolidating the feedback I drove through to Northgate to sign some forms with a staff member and then met my friend Rozzie for a quick lunch at Contessa in Rivonia ~ I had an amazing time (as usual) with her and popped into our Rivonia Branch on my way out of the area to say "Hi" to the branch manager there who I have known for a long time and haven't seen in a while.  I still miss my old area and all the special people I built relationships with.

Roz had just collected her Graduation photos and gave me this gorgeous photo of the two of us taken on that special night.

While waiting for Connor to arrive at Byron I popped into my friend Pam's shop at Tulip Garden Centre as she had made this sign which she posted about on Facebook and I promptly snapped it up ... She kindly gifted me a hand knitted (by her) scarf which I can't wait to wear.

While I was taking photos I took this one ... It is the gift that Connor and I got for my hunny for Fathers Day.  He is quite the music 'officianado' and I know he will love this book.
It's the 2nd Thursday of the month which means it's Sisters Dinner. We met at Mugg & Bean at The Glen (close to home for me this month) and had a lovely evening.  Our cute waitress took a really nice photo of us girls ...
I spoiled my sisters with a gorgeous pair of socks, some coffee (because all you need is coffee and warm socks), a Bubbly and a gorgeous bracelet from my friend Pam's shop ~ Pam is retired and opened the Bead and Craft Cabin with her daughter Gill (who does GORGEOUS bead work) and they sell all kinds of goodies ... beads, decoupage goodies, en-caustic art supplies (en-caustic art is all about simplest abstracts made in molten wax colour using a small painting iron.), a bit of scrapbooking stuff, hand knitted scarves, fabric painting goodies (I met Pam at a fabric painting class when Connor was really little).

The socks are super cute with a heart design on them and you can see a close up of the bracelet as well

Norma gave us a sweet selection ... Taryn (my gorgeous niece) loves Funny Faces as much as I do.
I hope you all had a good day!  Keep warm and sleep tight ... and let's say a prayer for the homeless as we snuggle into our warm beds.


  1. I love reading your updates and the way you document your days. I also love the dedication you and your sisters have to each other.

    1. Thanks special lady. I enjoy the feel of journalling with my photos. I love my sisters very much and know how lucky I am to have a good relationship with them.