Wednesday, 7 May 2014

We voted!!!

This morning I slept in a bit after having a terrible night with cramps in my legs.  We decided to pop around the corner to the polling station at 07h30 and the line was VERY long so we went to The Glen and had a leisurely breakfast at Mugg & Bean. 

Richard was trying to listen to a message on his phone and each time he lifted it to his ear it stopped playing.  We were hysterical when Connor told him to hold his phone like this ...

On our way back home we passed by the polling station again and the queue was even longer.

I spent time at my scrapbook table until 3 when we ventured out again ... This time the queue was not too bad and we cast our votes. 

This was Connor's first time voting ... My baby is all grown up!!
Here is the proof of our vote ...

The evening was spent at my scrapbook table.  Hope your Wednesday was Wonderful ... Sleep tight y'all!!!!

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