Sunday, 16 March 2014

Sunday morning

I woke up at 4h55 and decided to cuddle down and go back to sleep and then woke again around 6h30 to go to the loo and decided to come and do a post ...
  • We have had a huge amount of rain in Johannesburg in the past two weeks ... sometimes we feel like we should trade our cars in on a canoe!  I was travelling to the West Rand one morning and it was overcast on our side of the world but as I traveled round on the concrete highway it felt like I was driving right into a cloud ...

  • I have not been able to get any great shots of sunrise and sunset but took this photos of the sky one evening with the setting sun just peeking under the clouds ...
  •  I have been feeling overwhelmed recently with everything on my work and personal  "To Do" lists which resulted in me packing my things and walking out of a meeting last week ~ I was telling my boss that we have too much to do and she shrugged her shoulders and said that we just have to do it ... this has landed me in hot water and sadly I have had zero support from any of my colleagues. 
    When I am overwhelmed I sometimes go into a state of in-action but I have been plugging away at the things that I need to do and although I may not have tackled the most urgent I have tackled some of the things that have been carried over from my 2013 list ... Like "Make Cards for Sam and her Mom" ... Here are the cards I finished up last night (I made 20 cards):


  1. At least the sun is shining this Sunday morning. Thinking of you re work and hope that to do list shrinks with each day passing. Your photo of the sunset is very dramatic and your cards so beautiful with awesome variety. Please take care xxx
    Hugs Desíre {Doing Life}

    1. Thanks Desire. I am working on one of the items right now … preparing photos to have printed … there are hundreds!!! Eeeeek!!!

      Enjoy your Sunday with this gorgeous sunshine. Lynn

  2. Sadly you've been having the same complaint now for ages Sista. So sorry about this situation and hope you're out of the water real soon.

    Love the cards.

    Happy Sunshiney Sunday.

  3. We have had such a heat wave in Port Elizabeth...that a bit of rain would be most welcome. I hope things settle at work as things in the workplace always impact on your home life too. So now I am giving you the advise you gave me...breathe deeply...this too will pass xx

  4. Sorry to hear you've been feeling so rough & I'm mad at your colleagues for their lack of support although it's hardly surprising as it's par for the course so often! I echo Lynette's advice above "Breathe" cos this too will pass!

  5. Also love the cards - your talent sure don't suffer when you are under stress!!!