Friday, 7 March 2014

Hello ...

OMWord!!!! It has been nearly a month since I last posted on my blog!  The time has sped past so fast while I concentrated on getting Jo's scrapbooks done ~ It was the biggest thing on my To Do list and I am delighted that I have gotten them done and, even if I say so myself, they were beautiful.  I will post photos of the pages as soon as I know that Jo has the books so as not to spoil the surprise for her.

Here is a quick photo catch-up ...

A stunning sunset ... yes I still chase sunrise and sunset and now that the sun is rising later I will be able to catch a few in the morning ...
The night of our February Sisters Dinner it poured with rain and there was an amazing sunset which I battled to capture but here are my attempts ...
Wendy decided that she will no longer be joining us for Sisters Dinners so the three of us met at Rossi's and had a lovely shared dinner.
It was the day before Valentine's Day so I gave my sisters coffee and biscuits with a heart choccie.

The first quarter of the year is always a bit manic at work with the increase and bonus exercise consuming part of February and it is always an exercise with extremely short deadlines.  We were told that our system would be available on Friday 14th (yes Valentine's Day) however it didn't happen so our boss asked us to be at work by 9 on Saturday ... I got in a bit earlier as I wanted to get started however our boss had not requested the systems people to give us access so I worked on my e-mails and administration until everyone else got there.  What an absolute waste of time ... the system was super slow and didn't open and when I chatted to Richard at 12h00 and he said that him and Connor were on their way to Burger King in Rivonia I asked him to collect me.  When we got to Burger King the queue was 100 people long so we decided to go to Nando's in Rosebank.  We had a lovely lunch and when we got back to the office everyone had left.
My beautiful boy
Our Scrap Addicts monthly get together was at our house on 22 February.  I made the girls fresh cheese muffins (which we delicious) and coffee when they arrived and after catching up we got down to some serious scrapbooking.

 For lunch I made us a pasta and mince dish and Ali brought along some garlic bread and Linda gave us yummy dark and white chocolate mousse for dessert.  We had a super productive day and after the girls left I moved my stuff inside to my scrap table and continued scrapbooking.

Connor had mentioned to me that he wanted to see Eminem who was having one show in Johannesburg on 1 March but my dilemma was who would be able to take him to the stadium and get him home safely.  When we went to Renault to have the number plates fitted to my car Connor was playing Eminem in the car and the young guy who sold me my car, Segwati, said that he loves Eminem and I asked if I could get tickets ... he quickly answered "I'll drive".  Connor and I were at The Glen on 23 Feb and I decided to check out the availability of tickets and he said that he would love to take Jarod with and I said that he could not take only one of his cousins so he phoned Wendy to ask if he could take the boys with him and she said that they would be delighted.  We bought the tickets and went round to Wendy's house.

When we got to Wendy's house only Liam was at home and the conversation went like this ...
Connor ... "Liam, what are you doing on Saturday"
Liam ... "Nothing."
Connor nonchalantly takes ticket out of his pocket and says "Would you like to join me?"
Liam sees the name on the ticket, goes blood red in his face and runs out of the kitchen then comes back and runs back out again.  He literally didn't know what to do with himself.  I have NEVER seen such a reaction to a surprise before.

 Once he calmed down I managed to get this photo of the two of them.
We decided that we needed to go and check with Jarod as well.  He was visiting his Gran so we asked him to meet us outside the complex where his Gran lives and the conversation went much the same as with Liam.  His reaction was ...
I LOVE surprising people.  On Monday we popped past Renault and Connor went inside and found Segwati and asked him to come outside as "my Mom wants to see you".  The poor boy was very worried that I was not happy with something.  The same kind of discussion ensued ... are you still available on Saturday and then when Connor took out the ticket the poor guy wanted to run around the parking lot.  Segwati picked the boys up on Saturday, they went to McDonalds for dinner and then had a stunning time at the concert.  It was a 'once in a lifetime' experience for them.

Richard and I went off to a colleague Dave's house where we met up with our old team ... Darryl and his wife Janine, Sam and Petrus and my old boss Craig ~ We had an evening filled with laughter and amazing company and great food.  We got home about 5 minutes before the boys.

A stunning sunrise as I drove out of my house ...


  1. Love it when you update the Blog. I'm like a child on Christmas day!! Wait impatiently every day ;) xx

    1. I thought you would enjoy it!!! I will definitely update more regularly!! Love you!

  2. What a wonderful "feel good" story about the kiddies and the Eminem concert. Did they enjoy it?

    1. They loved every minute of it.

  3. I had the pleasure of babysitting Luke while his parents went to see Eminem!!! You are such a generous soul to send that quartet of young men to see the concert!! What fun they must have had!!! Ly