Sunday, 9 February 2014

Around here ...

The Craft Club got together at Tanya's house on 1 February for our first 2014 get together.  Tanya is an amazing baker and had done these little babies to use on top of baby shower cupcakes ...

We had a wonderful morning filled with knitting (me), crocheting (Ali and Tanya) and bead embroidery (Leonie).  Tanya made us some carrot cake cupcakes which were thoroughly delicious.

Tanya's cat kept an eye on proceedings.  When we finished up we went through to Scrap-a-Doodles and did a spot of shopping and had lunch.  When we got back to Ali's house I loaded up my car with a double oven and cooker hood, a fan, a wooden table and a couple bags of odds and ends and dropped it off at a charity in my area.

Michelle shared a room with me.
I was fortunate enough to get an invite to my Greater West Rand's team building and brainstorming session on Thursday 6th and Friday 7th February at Hakunamatata Conference and Wedding Venue.  We arrived at 12h00 on Thursday and were whisked away for a full body massage and after booking in we had lunch followed by an afternoon at the pool.

Not being a water baby I sat on the side and watched the antics of the managers I work with and took photos.

Julia ~ Branch Manager @ Carletonville kept us entertained with her stories ...

Dudu (Krugersdorp CBD) and Michelle (Regional Office)

I am still trying to figure out why people punish themselves by drinking Tequilla.
You can see how cold the water was when Nthaby (Branch Manager @ Cradlestone Mall) decided to get in but before long she was having fun and didn't want to get out of the water.

Gerhard and Derrick decided to have a race.  Derrick being nearly half Gerhard's age won ... but only by a fraction.

Dudu is the newest addition to our Team.  She transferred from Jubilee Mall to Krugersdorp CBD in mid January.

Michelle looking pretty as a picture with the flower that Rene picked for each of us
Rene ~ Branch Manager at Randfontein
Alida ~ Branch Manager @ Krugersdorp is a real water baby

We had a lovely dinner followed by some down time and Michelle and I went off to bed just before 10.  We chatted for a long time before we fell asleep and I was woken when my phone rang at 04h20 with Richard telling me that we had another break-in at the house.  This time they tried to force the sliding door on the patio (doing quite a bit of damage to the frame) and when that didn't work they removed a pane of glass and opened the door.  They placed the pane in the swimming pool (the lady who came to take finger prints said this is so that there are no fingerprints left behind as evidence).  Thankfully we had the alarm reconnected after the last incident and the alarm did cause them to rush ... Connor had been playing on my tablet the night before and had forgotten it on the table and this is what they left with ... boo hooo!!!!! I was on level 120 on Candy Crush! and all the books I had downloaded to read were also on my tablet.  So there I was awake early again!!!!

Michelle got up at 05h50 and made us coffee and I logged onto my laptop and did a bit of work, jumped in the shower and we were at the breakfast table at 07h30.  We had a wonderful brain storming session and were finished at 14h00.

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